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Wild Boar Trotter

Wild Boar Trotter


These novel-protein based wild boar trotters are a high-protein, long-lasting treat, that will stimulate your dog's tastebuds and keep them entertained for a good while! As wild boar is a novel protein, these are an excellent alternative option over beef and chicken, should your dog suffer with any allergies/sensitivities. Also, these wild boar trotters provide other great benefits, such as, dental hygiene and joint support. The crunchy, dried texture of the trotter will require some tough chewing from your dog, which helps to naturally scrape and remove and plaque/tartar build up on their teeth. Also, trotters are an excellent source of joint-supporting nutrients collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine, incorporating treats like these into your dog's diet can help to provide great benefits to their overall joint health.


Feed as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure that your dog is supervised when enjoying this treat and that fresh, clean drinking water is readily available.

  • Product Information



    100% Wild Boar



    Analytical Constituents


    Protein 63.8%, Fat 20%, Ash 2.5%, Fibre 3.9%

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