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About Us

Promoting a natural approach to dog nutrition.

We are a small, home-based business based in Liverpool. We have always had dogs in our lives growing up as kids, but we never knew anything about animal nutrition and the importance it has on a dog's health. Ever since we brought Rafa, our German shepherd, home, our passion and interest grew even more. Learning what they can and can't have is a fascinating experience, that is an ongoing process by the way, we are always researching, learning and trying to take as many tips on board as possible. Our main ethos is simple, if it is natural, healthy and safe for our dog, then they can try it.

A dog's diet massively influences their day-to-day life. From health, well-being and longevity, a species-appropriate, natural diet can work wonders on a range of issues that impact our dogs. Feeding whole, natural and unprocessed food is something we believe all dogs should have, and we try our best to offer just that here at Rafa's Raw

With UK national delivery available on all our treats and supplements, you can browse our wide range knowing that you are feeding your dog tasty, natural and nutritious treats!


We work hard to ensure your dog receives the best quality treats as quickly as possible. If you do happen to encounter any issues with your order, we encourage you to contact us via email - Alternatively, you can send us a message on our Instagram @rafasraw, where we will be more than happy to assist you with any queries.

We encourage you to always double check when placing an order, as we are unable to accept returns for unwanted items. Only in the event that your order is incorrect, or you have missing items on your order, will we be able to accept returns. For this to be valid, you must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order.

Please be aware that, due to the fragility of certain treats, there is a small possibility that certain items may arrive partially broken, due to how they are handled when in transit. Please know that we do our best to prevent this, however, circumstances such as these are out of our control.

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