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Salmon Oil

Salmon Oil


500ml salmon oil available now at Rafa’s Raw.

These bottles come with a pump attachment that you can put on when you first open it.

Salmon oil is incredibly easy to include in your dog’s diet, you can simply dispense the recommended amount into their food each day.

Here are some of the benefits of salmon oil:

• High in Omega fatty acids, this helps to reduce inflammation, as well as aid joint and heart health.
• Boosts skin and coat, salmon oil is known to help reduce itching and skin issues in dogs. Over time, this will result in a glossier, shinier coat, with less skin irritation.
• Improved cognitive function.
• Improved eye health.
• Improved immunity.

Please introduce salmon oil to your dogs slowly, to avoid any digestive issues, as well as dosing accordingly for their weight.

We recommend storing your salmon oil in the fridge, in an opaque container (like these ones), ensuring it is kept out of contact with direct sunlight, as this helps prevent the oil from spoiling.


Feed as part of a balanced diet. Introduce slowly, do not exceed any recommended dosages, and always ensure clean drinking water is readily available.

  • Product Information



    Scottish Salmon Oil (99.5%), Lipoguard (0.5%).


    Nutritional Content


    Omega-3 Fatty Acids (10.7%), EPA (3.3%), DHA (4.5%), DPA (1.5%), Omega-6 Fatty Acids (14.4%), Omega-9 Fatty Acids (38.5%).

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