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Hairy Rabbit Skin Roll

Hairy Rabbit Skin Roll


Our hairy rabbit skin rolls (approximately 15cm) have some excellent benefits for your dog. The fur offers a high fibre boost, which aids digestion, whilst also helping to keep your dog's insides nice and clean, by flushing away anything unwanted in their digestive system, as the fur acts like a brush to sweep anything out. Also, these treats are a hypoallergenic source of protein for your dog, making it a perfect snack, should they suffer with any allergies or sensitivities.


Feed as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure that your dog is supervised when enjoying this treat and that fresh, clean drinking water is readily available.

  • Product Information



    100% Rabbit


    Analytical Constituents


    Crude Protein 60%, Crude Fat 33.5%, Moisture 2.1%, Crude Ash 3.9%

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    Standard shipping costs £3. Orders over £34.99 qualify for free delivery. 

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