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Bird Box

Bird Box


Introducing our brand new 'Bird Box'! This poultry-based box contains treats from bird proteins only. Feet, wings and necks are all included, so your dog will be spoilt for choice when choosing their next treat!


We have 2 variations available, our 'Standard' box and our 'Chicken-Free' box. If your dog is allergic to chicken, then we highly recommend the 'Chicken-Free' box for them!


For £10 (Standard), your dog will receive:


75g of Chicken Wings

3 Chicken Necks

3 Chicken Feet

2 Duck Feet

1 Duck Wing

1 Duck Neck

1 Goose Foot

1 Goose Wing

1 Turkey Neck


For £10 (Chicken-Free), your dog will receive:


2 Duck Necks

2 Duck Wings

2 Duck Feet

1 Goose Wing

1 Goose Foot

1 Turkey Neck

1 Turkey Foot

1 Turkey Wing


Feed as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure that your dog is supervised when enjoying this treat and that fresh, clean drinking water is readily available.

  • Product Information



    100% Chicken, 100% Duck, 100% Goose, 100% Turkey


    Analytical Constituents

  • Shipping Information

    Sttandard shipping costs £3. Orders over £34.99 qualify for free delivery.

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