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XL Beef Knuckle Bone

XL Beef Knuckle Bone


Our beef knuckle bones are the perfect dental and long-lasting treat. These bones are extremely dense, full of tasty bone marrow and packed full of different nutrients. Calcium and collagen are the two main nutrients, with both of them helping to support your dog's joints and bones. These knuckle bones act like 'nature's toothbrush', as they help scrape away any plaque or tartar from your dog's teeth during chewing. These bones should not be finished in one sitting, they are to be taken off your dog after an appropriate amount of time, then given back to them another time. The hours and hours your dog will spend gnawing down on these bones will provide amazing mental stimulation, as well as alleviating boredom and satisfying their need to chew.


Feed as part of a balanced diet. Always ensure that your dog is supervised when enjoying this treat and that fresh, clean drinking water is readily available.

  • Product Information



    100% Beef



    Analytical Constituents 


    Protein 57.8%, Fat 12.7%, Moisture 11.4%, Ash 16.1%, Fibre 1.9%



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